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As a global recruiting agency, we can bring our services and International experience and to the Canadian market. We can act as an extension of your HR or recruitment committee to improve the recruitment process chains by making them more lean, SMART, and outcome-oriented. Having proved ourselves over time as the go-to global recruitment consultant for Multinational companies looking to recruit International workers, our track record demonstrably makes us one of the best recruitment agencies. Contact us so we can show you what we can do as the global recruitment solution for your organization

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Abu Dhabi International Airport Project

International Airport

(Abu Dhabi)

work abroad

ExxonMobil Gas Project

(Papua New Guinea)

Hotel Doha

Four Seasons Hotel


Mater Dei Hospital Project - Malta

Mater Dei Hospital


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Our recruiting consultants can work with you regardless of whether you are in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton or Calgary; and will come up with a plan, a plan designed for you that makes sense for your budget and can be scaled up or down at any time, whether it’s temporary or permanent staff, 5 individuals or 5,000. Then we’ll filter through our massive candidate database – something that has helped us successfully compete with global recruitment firms over decades - to find you exceptional candidates ready to make an impact for your organization. Our placement agency will work with you along every step of the way